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On the Evaluation of Link-Level Acknowledgements
Brighton E.

— Dissertation Council members liked your doctoral thesis.
— (raises her eyes to heaven) Thank you Zhvanetsky!
Gagarin book  Pgntrim

Win32, i386
Eve B. (Icy)
What does it do?
Removes comments from .pgn files
Compression ratio*:
Test file1 960 mb (from @ 62,9 mb (15 times)
Test file2 1,45 gb (from @ 483 mb (3 times)
Test file1 960 mb @ 14 sec. at Phenom II X4 955 3,8 GHz (1 core is used)
Test file2 1,45 gb @ 34 sec. at Phenom II X4 955 3,8 GHz (1 core is used)
How to use:
Put your .pgn file in the same directory as pgntrim.exe, then run the program.
Enter the name of your file, choose mode (fast/slow). Wait. '1_out.pgn' is your resulting file. 
Not working!
For sure, it can. Contact me, please. Never delete your original file!

* Compression ratio highly depends on time controls used in .pgn. Higher time controls should cause higher compression ratio.
** With 'fast' mode.